Teaching, Coaching

And Mentoring

youths as they transition from secondary school to the university. This gap is noted by many experts to be the most dangerous period in the life of a child of that age due to the external forces and influences of society.

The Bridge- E-Mentoring Programme 2020-2021

Enrol your child in The Bridge Teen Mentoring Program. Registration ongoing now

We add value to life through processing and refining crude and inherent traits. We turn dreams into reality through self-actualization and self-discipline. We learn daily to grow towards perfection.
We believe we honour God and serve humanity best by been persons of excellence through the development of our abilities. Mediocrity has no place in our world; we identify and encourage maximization of gifts and potentials.
We believe the mountains are high and hold that we more than conquerors with fighting spirits. All have what it takes to be winners.
We believe we cannot develop true leaders en masse but through one-on-one relationships. Our actions must speak louder than words.
We posit that integrity is the first value because it is fundamentally inherent in our character traits. We practice what we teach.
We believe the task is enormous; therefore we must partner with God, family, individuals, campuses, schools, government, organizations, and society at large. We all have an important role to play in making the world a better place to live in.